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The Original High

Being in the air triggers a visceral response - both for the performer as well as the spectator. Defying gravity challenges the human mind to go to places that it does not usually venture.

Coordinating a piece of work that involves aerial, hand-to-hand balancing, acrobatics, flag choreography and dance movement was no mean feat. The project was a natural progression from Mitch's exploration of contemporary choreography and experimenting with circus aerial work. When the opportunity presented itself, there was no question that Mitch would pioneer the first aerial project for West End Bares.

Assisted by contemporary choreographer Daniel Greenway, Mitch was able to collaborate with talented fellow actors Callum Evans and Kiel Payton to create a work that stunt the Cafe De Paris crowd. Throughout the process of workshopping the aerial act, the team was given supervision and tutelage by Mitch's circus associate - Niru Dorrian, a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts.

Mitch titled the collaborative piece "The Original High" after Adam Lambert's stirring title track of the same album. The work signalled a departure from Mitch's preconception of choreography, performing platforms, and presentational narrative.

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