In the short time that Mitch has taken on facilitating projects, he has managed to launch venues and events to great success. Much of his enthusiasm for the work is attributed to his training in the theatre world - the ability for the artistic community to consider different perspectives and to come up with innovative solutions. Mitch is most excited when he works with open minds and generous hearts. He understands that behind the success of any business endeavour is a collective of human beings who have put in time, energy and effort to create something that is of value.  When he steps into the role of a Project Manager, Mitch takes every interaction as an opportunity to learn more about a craft or a trade. His intention has always been to be an assisting force to individuals giving their time to the project, and allowing the final product to take centre stage. 


Mitch is an advocate for the following organisations:

Aerial Arts Collective

The Professional Collective 

White Noise Productions