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The mission is simple.

To tell stories in ever more enriching, enlivening and elevated ways. 

To craft story-telling such that it uplifts communities and identities.

To make it simple but beautiful. 

To create with joy. 




On the stage, screen or the circus of life


Photo: Richard Davenport

Production: Take Off! West End Bares 

Venue: Cafe De Paris, London

Aerialist: Mitch Leow

Featured Acro-Aerialist: Kiel Payton, Callum Evans

a dream born of fire

Last summer, Mitch Leow performed on the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre stage with fellow aerialists from Singapore in a festival event called "Flipside - Aerial Open Stage 2022". The initiative came from Bornfire - a social circus founded in 2005 in Singapore, with its residence training space in Singapore Circus Space at Kallang Community Centre. 

Under the guidance and encouragement of aerial consultant - Pamela C - at Aerial Arts Collective, Mitch created the opening act which featured in all three days of the aerial showcase from 3rd to 5th of June.

"We | Unfold" is Mitch's love letter to London - his home of twenty years past. Inspired by a statue of a golden bird situated at Park View Square, and an accompanying poem, Mitch explores the themes of dreams, memories, migration and flight in this solo aerial silks act. 

'The crane, with its head pointed North, yearns for home.'


Photo: Sarah-Tabea Sammel

Aerial Consultation: Pamela C @ Aerial Arts Collective

Music: Original Composition by Brandon Gan

Costume: Original Design by Thaine Smith

Props: Wild Rice SG


"There is only one Mitch." This was something I used to say in jest to friends and colleagues in my dressing room. Let me explain my statement before the utterance comes across as arrogance... or even worse, ignorance. I am well aware of other Mitch's - one of my first professional engagements as an 18 year old dancer was under the reknowned UK choreographer Mitch Sebastian. When I went to dance school in the UK, I read a book which mentioned the power of manifestation and cited Posh Spice Victoria Beckham as an example. When asked about her professional goals, she said, "I want to be as famous as Persil." In all my humble awareness of the great Mitch's in the world, I want my work and my branding to resonate this very simple dictum - there is only one of me, and I do what I do in my own unique way. In essence, there is only one Mitch.

check back for more updates on the adventureS on stage, screen and circus with mitch.

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