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National Gallery Singapore

Springboarding from the direction of National Gallery Singapore, Edit&Play set off to discover the personal stories that create the landscape of memorable connections through different art initiatives. True to our ethos, we opened the doors to create space and trust for the sharing of these stories with our client profiles. We are thankful for their generosity and for the spirit of resilience they have displayed in their drive to share their art initiatives with the greater public. 

A 2023 collaboration with Edit & Play

Studio Lead: Sam Nai

Art Direction: Julious Ong

Producer & Coordinator: Mitch Leow


"Art is for everyone.

The gifts to the Gallery, whether it is a gift of art, a gift of cash, or gift of time, through these gifts we are able to make art more accessible to our audiences.

We don't take their gift for granted. 

We believe that we need to share back with them the impact of their gift, how their gift has helped us to deliver on our promise."


- Ms Chong Siak Ching

CEO National Gallery Singapore

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