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Le Corps De l'Homme

Mitch shares his experience

One of the most collaborative efforts I have embarked on involved a project in the West End of London for an event playfully named "West End Bares".

The project involved coordinating with the organisers to understand and create a work that adhered to their concept.


There was the task of engaging with a fight director and working closely with his expertise.


There was a team of 8 talented men who were performers and professionals from dance, theatre to modelling and fitness, with whom I had the immense privilege of working with to come up with scenes and movement for the piece.


A wonderful costume designer came on board right from the start to finesse outfits which fit the theme, which were versatile enough for the movement and the fights, and provided an element of surprise for such an event.


From lighting and projection, to music arrangement and sound design, it was one huge machine and I was given an insight into how each little part worked to make the clockwork tick. 

Step by step, the many pieces came together to form the ensemble showcase of  "Le Corps de L'Homme".

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