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a dream of a thousand and one nights


On 24th August 2019, Mitch celebrated the final performance with the london cast of Disney's "ALADDIN" at the Prince Edward Theatre. Having been with the original company since 2016 as a proud fight captain and ensemble member, mitch also covered and played the role of Iago with the 2018/19 cast. 




Quick update of short film 'War' produced by Andrew Oldbury, directed by NiLesh Bell-Gorsia. The film received special commendation by The House of LOrds (The House FIlms) and went on to tour the festival circuit:

2015 BFI Raw SHorts (UK); Shorts on Tap (UK); VAULT Film Festival (UK)

2016Edinburgh International film festival (UK); shanghai short film festival (China)British Council: Into Film (UK); Freunde Ingelherimer Filmkultur (Germany); Film Vault Presents (UK); Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival (USA); Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany); International Short Film Festival Kinosmena (Belarus); Abycine Albacete Film Festival (Spain); Liverpool International Film Festival (UK)

2017 - Best Microfilms (web); Swansea Film (UK); Exposure Short FIlm (UK)

2018 - Le Plein de Super (France & Spain)

a conversation

Mitch got together with Harry Oram of Third Culture to discuss all things dance and the perception of the public on male dancers. Read the full interview here:

just for you

exciting things are happening!


thank you for following Mitch's creative journey. Mitch will be embarking on a new adventure from september 2019 with "THe Lion, The Witch & The WArdrobe" at Bridge Theatre in London.

check back for more updates of Mitch's adventures on stage, on screen and in the circus!

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