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Screen | Showreel

Compiled here are a couple of short films and showreels that Mitch has collaborated with directors and studio makers on. This page will also be home to the numerous self-tape video submissions that became the operative during the height of the pandemic, and something that all actors had to learn to do on the fly. Here are some of the highlights - enjoy!

2015 | London


Short film | Raw Shorts


Director: Nilesh Bell-Gorsia

Producer: Andrew Oldbury

'War' received special commendation by The House of Lords (The House Films) and went on to tour the festival circuit:

2015 BFI Raw Shorts (UK); Shorts on Tap (UK); VAULT Film Festival (UK)

2016Edinburgh International film festival (UK); shanghai short film festival (China); British Council: Into Film (UK); Freunde Ingelherimer Filmkultur (Germany); Film Vault Presents (UK); Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival (USA); Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany); International Short Film Festival Kinosmena (Belarus); Abycine Albacete Film Festival (Spain); Liverpool International Film Festival (UK)

2017 - Best Microfilms (web); Swansea Film (UK); Exposure Short FIlm (UK)

2018 - Le Plein de Super (France & Spain)


2020 | London

"Poisonous Pleasures"
Short film | Juice Films

Director: Sean McGurk

Written, produced and directed by Sean McGurk, "Poisonous Pleasures" is a coming-of-age short film exploring cultural differences and vices in young adults. Based in London, the lives of four young men come together in comedic contrast. 


actor showreel

Spotlight Showreel | Casting Directory

Director: Leon Lopez

Created with studio director Leon Lopez in his Brixton actor's studio, the showreel was a chance to dabble in screen-acting during Mitch's stage career in musical theatre. Here, he gets to flex his comedic as well as his dramatic abilities. 

screen acting workshop

Daniel Johnson | Workshop | Raw Reel

A series of writing and acting workshops exploring screen work and working in from of the camera. 

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